Welcome to the TAFL approved Fanlisting of the exquisite manga Emma, written and drawn by Kaoru Mori, and its wonderful anime version Eikoku Koi Monogatari Emma, also known as Victorian Romance Emma in the original English fansub (we will never thank IIChan enough!), or Emma: A Victorian Romance in the subsequent official English-language edition, and Emma - una storia romantica in the official Italian dub.
You are currently viewing the second version of the site, which has finally replaced the age-old, non-compliant previous one. I felt that my coding skills have improved a lot since then and I finally got to build a brand new, standard-compliant, cross-browser and cross-resolution friendly layout.

But what is a fanlisting, you may ask? It is a virtual place where all the fans of a particular subject, book, person etc. reunite to build the largest group of fans :-D.

Now sit back, sip a cup of tea, take a look around and, if you are interested, join! :-D

Esso Rose

P.S. While you are at it, why don't you check out the newest addition to the family? It's the fanlisting for Otoyomegatari, Kaoru Mori's ongoing manga masterpiece. A very special thank you to Kata for letting me adopt it :-)

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