Friends from Indonesia

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NameEmailSiteCountryFavourite Characters
91AstiMailSiteIndonesiaEmma & William
95Me_EmmaMailSiteIndonesiaEmma, William & Hans
108S. RenardMailSiteIndonesiaEmma & William
110PadmaMailSiteIndonesiaMrs Molders
126Priskilla Lady StephannieMailSiteIndonesiaEmma, William Jones, Hakim, Aurelia, Collin, Vivi, Grace
134PutsuriMailSiteIndonesiaEmma, Hans, William
162KureMailSiteIndonesiaWilliam Jones, Richard Jones, Aurelia Jones, Willem Molders, Dorothea Molders, Kelly Stowner
184YanieMailSiteIndonesiaEmma and William
187Eunike LovelyMailSiteIndonesiaWilliam